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About East Kilbride Indoor Bowling Club


New Sunday afternoon family league to launch this summer

It's hot outside. Why not enjoy the air conditioning and play some pool with your family? Our summer league is fun for all ages. Call us to find out more.

Offering an sport inclusive of all ages and genders. Whether your looking for a hobby or to take on the club champion and give them a run for their money , there's something for everyone. With leagues on every day throughout the day of different levels it really is for everyone. If your new to the game there are coaches available at no extra cost to show you the ropes. 


New Membership £60 

Rink Fees

£2.50 per 2 hour game

£1.25 per hour

£0.65 p per 1/2 

Non -Members 

£4.50 per 2 hour game

£2.30 per 1 hour game 

To play in any leagues or competitions within the club you must be a full member . However if that's not for you , you can come to the club as a non-members and play on an empty rink . 

Full time table can be found by clicking here